Biotech Technology Assessment

Technology Assessment, Planning and Transfer

With its multi-disciplinary expertise, ILB is in a unique position to identify and critically evaluate new opportunities from both scientific and business perspectives. Estimates of realistic value, often an obstacle to successful transfer or licensing, are established from a detailed analysis of the science, novelty, risk, commercial potential, patent, and regulatory issues. ILB provides a mechanism to scout for technologies and evaluate potential alliances under strict confidentiality.

Biotech Technology Planning

Technology Planning

Technical assessment, monitoring, and planning of R&D programs and identification of new opportunities.

ILB provides expert support with patent and regulatory issues, strategic alliances, R&D collaborations, acquisitions and divestitures of technology.

Biotech Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer

Marketing of specialized technologies. Analyze potential markets, product value and marketing strategies, make primary approaches to potential customers, act as intermediary to facilitate negotiation.

Access to Natural Products

Unique collections of natural product extracts, purified compounds and their respective microbial and plant sources. INTERLINK offers a "one stop shop” place to access diverse natural products libraries and expertise in natural products.

InterLink has marketing agreements with several groups to provide access to unique natural product extracts, pure compounds, and their respective microbial and plant sources.